Invest in lasting quality.

Our design team has built a collection that covers all of the major architectural needs in the residential industry. In all of our product lines, we select premium-grade materials, whether they be the frame, sash, hardware or glazing. We build our products with an extreme attention to detail, ensuring the most consistent quality.

Quaker windows and doors will deliver crystal clear views, cut your heating and cooling costs and provide incredible occupant comfort year-round. And you can count on dependable performance that lasts the lifetime of your home. We’re confident that with our Quaker residential collection, we have just the right solution for you.

Quaker series for new construction.

Quaker’s series of windows for new construction are made with design in mind. When building a new home or performing extensive remodeling, your choices are many. Based on your architectural vision, we fabricate to the exact size and combination that you request. Custom mulling options are also available.

New construction windows and doors are characterized by a metal fin around the perimeter of the frame. This ensures study adherence to the studs of the exposed wall. Please see below for our latest series of new construction products available.

Replacement Windows: Upgrade your living space.

For projects that involve a fast and economical upgrade to existing homes, our replacement series will fit perfectly into your existing window cavities. Quaker’s replacement series are ENERGY STAR compliant, attractive and easy to use. If you need to replace worn out, leaking or just plain ugly windows, consider choosing our popular replacement windows and doors to bring new life to your dwelling.