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Ideas and How-Tos

20 Exterior Make Over Before and After Ideas

Get inspired for your next exterior make over!

Fixer Upper German Smear




Vinyl Siding Parts Description and Tutorial

Take an interactive and informative tour that focuses on the function behind the exteror elements of your home.



 7 Steps to Choosing Brick and Stone Veneer for your Exterior (Click Here)


How To Demystify Your Home Exterior Makeover

Follow these five easy steps to take your home from ordinary to extraordinary.



 The Inside Story on Ventilation-

An informative look at why ventilation is an important aspect in your home and suggestions on ventilation solutions.


5 Best Ways to Choose your Roof Colour - (CLICK HERE)

Navy House





How to Videos on Doors. click (here)

How to Videos on Windows. click (here)

How to Videos on Siding . click (here)

How to Videos on Roofing. click (here)


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